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An online platform for discovering housing that is specifically designed to fit college students' needs.


Create a design proposal that reflects the concerns and needs of the community you live in and care about the most—Austin, TX. Austin is one of nation’s fastest-growing city, while also holding various social problems. This project is to design a social program grounded in real-world community needs.

Field UX/UI, branding, service design, design thinking

Date Spring 2018


By providing resources to address specific challenges that many students face such as, financial need, accessibility, finding a roommate and etc. CASA champions a human-centered design approach that eases the discovery process by leaps and bounds. Our intent is to bridge the gap between students and apartment complexes. We aim to improve student's confidence to be more informed about the housing discovery process by providing them a platform with much information and resources.

In collaboration with Florence Kamp and Ryan Hicks.

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