In the Arena Award

In the Arena Award

An award that honors individuals that have proven strong commitment to the field of public service.


To design and create an award for the inaugural In the Arena Award, established by the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin. It honors an individual who has profoundly demonstrated a strong commitment to the field of public service. Hillary Clinton is the first recipient of this prestigious award.

wkrm is a creative design studio run by students and led by a faculty director.

Field: branding, system, product design


An upheld burning torch symbolizes enlightenment, hope, and truth. While its flame may wither as strong winds try to diminish its brilliance, the fire remains ablaze with perseverance and patience. The recipient of the LBJ School of Public Affairs’ In the Arena award represents both the flame in addition to acting as the carrier of the torch. Those who carry the torch guide others with fortitude, determination, and strength.

The final award design led the direction of visual motifs in the brand identity. Everything we printed was letter pressed in gold ink over black paper. Using gold helped emphasized the award’s prestigiousness, honor, and importance.

Watch the 2018 In the Arena Award ceremony here. Read about it here.