A platform that reframes the perception of an existing food pantry for food insecure students at the University of Texas at Austin.


Food insecurity among college students at UT Austin is an issue that affects as many as 23% of undergraduates due to limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods. Universities across the nation have created initiatives to combat food insecurity, including UT Austin. Attending a food pantry holds a negative stereotype; it is seen as a handout or a way to abuse the system, often leading students to opt out in utilizing the provided services.

College students strive towards independency, which is lost through the user experience of the current UT Outpost. How can college food pantries give students agency and still cater to their needs?


The Outpost is a platform that encourages students to partake in a new set of lifestyle skills, promote healthy eating, and aid students during times in need. The Outpost is accessible to everyone – from the student that wants to learn how to cook to the student that wants to eat a healthy meal. By providing resources to address specific challenges that many students face such as food insecurity, little -to- no cooking skills, food education, and etc., the Outpost creates a bridge between those gaps by looking closely at the needs of UT students.

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